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William Yakstis

Entrepreneur's Mentor several start-up companies with Gateway Venture Mentoring Service

Currently serving as a mentor for several start-up companies with Gateway Venture Mentoring Service (GVMS) and for students in UMSL’s Entrepreneurial Scholars Internship Program, Bill Yakstis completed his MBA at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) in December 2015. Currently active in the entrepreneurial environment in the St. Louis region, he plans to teach business/entrepreneurial classes in a college/university environment. He has also served as a member on the UMSL entrepreneurial Accelerate and the ITE-GVMS Flip-Zone committees . He received his Bachelor’s Degree in business with a minor in political science at UMSL, has attended the Washington University School of Engineering and received his Associates Degree in Electronics at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. His professional history includes engineering related positions in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries with major corporations such as McDonnell Douglas (Boeing), Ford, Chrysler, and General Electric. He has successfully started electronics design and computer networking companies over a twenty-five year period. His start-ups have also included companies in the sports publishing and marketing sectors. His experience includes executive management, manufacturing, sports publishing, institutional research, national and international sales and procurement, marketing, engineering, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, photography, customer service, personal and small business taxation, and broadcasting. He has served as an associate director for Arsenal Credit Union and has served as a board director on several start-ups. He was previously active in several charitable organizations. A Viet-Nam veteran, he served in the Air Force in electronics warfare countermeasures. As a serial entrepreneur, he is currently researching opportunities in the alternative energy fields of solar and wind technologies with the goal of starting his fifth start-up company. When time permits, you can find him taking trips on his motorcycle to photograph old water towers and bridges or learning the art of playing the piano.