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Kevin Riley

Retired General Sales Manager

Kevin worked as a General Sales Manager for Future Electronics which is a $5B global distributor of semiconductor and related technologies selling to large OEMs who integrate the component level technology into their end products.  Future Electronics has a sales force of 2500 worldwide with 47 sales offices in North America, 52 in Asia and 43 in Europe. Future Electronics is headquartered in Montreal Canada. It is privately held. He managed a regional sales office calling on OEM customers that utilize solid state technologies in the design and manufacturing of their end products. They specialized in high velocity supply chain management and technical support of our franchised products. Duties included forecasting revenues, mentoring sales people, supporting technical needs of end customer engineers, customer presentations, management to management discussions, issue resolution, database management, and assorted reporting duties back into our executive management team.


Kevin served a dual role as the general sales manager of our regional sales office and as a dedicated solid state lighting sales person calling on a select group of lighting OEM customers. The lighting sales role involved working with the end customers and select suppliers in developing solid state (LED) lighting product for the emerging solid state lighting market.  Our success included managing the largest lighting OEM in North America, working with them to continually develop and bring to market new technologies in a rapidly changing field.