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Jeff Shackelford

Executive Director of

Digital Sandbox

Jeff Shackelford is the Executive Director of Digital Sandbox KC, a proof-of-concept center designed to help move early-stage entrepreneurs from concept-to-commercialization. It is a regional approach to identifying very early technologies, which, with the right assistance from industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, can be advanced toward commercial viability. The mission of the Digital Sandbox is to connect innovation to industry with the goal of producing breakthrough products and services that have significant impact on the digital landscape.  


Since launching in 2013, Digital Sandbox has funded development projects for 100 local, early-stage start-ups and has assisted in securing over $52M in equity investment for 70 Sandbox companies.  These companies have created over 600 new Kansas City area jobs.


Mr. Shackelford has a unique and diverse professional background with a rare combination of Fortune 100 enterprise experience coupled with entrepreneurial, start-up and early stage ventures that includes a successful track record in capital fund-raising of over $500M.


Mr. Shackelford holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas.