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Ameren Accelerator 2018 Cohort

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Applied Particle Technology

Applied Particle Technology (APT) is developing wearable exposure monitors using advanced sensors for occupational health and safety. These monitors are also seamlessly integrated with proprietary software and analytics to protect workers from exposure to harmful airborne pollutants.



Jrop helps property developers reduce the cost of building parking spaces by revamping their site layouts to provide visitors a seamless ridesharing experience today, and driverless experience tomorrow.

Narya Security


RansomWall by Narya Security is a reliable, one-click-recovery solution for Ransomware infections. It leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify, extract and manage encryption keys, decrypt encrypted data, unlock paralyzed IT assets and remove Ransomware infection traces in minutes, with a single click.

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Hexalayer (based in Louisville, KY) has developed a new generation of high-capacity lithium-ion battery technology using a patent-pending innovative carbon material called IML Graphene. The nanomaterials-based technology significantly improves the capacity of energy storage for rechargeable batteries.

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The key product of Ovon (based in Manchester, UK) is the Smart Radiator Valve with distributed temperature acquisition (DTAS) and thermoelectric energy recovery systems (TERS). The valves measure temperature through the DTAS micro thermostat that comes with the valve, accurately monitoring and adjusting the temperature. TERS generates energy from heat and charges the valves’ batteries – eliminating the need to replace them.


Shyft Power Solutions

Shyft (based in Oakland, CA) enables homes, businesses and energy companies to remotely monitor, manage and control their power sources (generators, solar, batteries and utility connections) from either mobile or web applications. The company's software allows for automation and seamless transitions – optimizing the hybrid system for cost, reliability and reduced emissions.

Ameren Accelerator 2019 Cohort

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Allumia (based in Seattle, WA) makes it possible to provide funded energy efficiency upgrades to commercial and industrial buildings in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. The metering and billing engine, which tracks and bills for energy savings in real-time, enables true Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) funded upgrades that are repaid out of a portion of actual savings. The project analytics and process automation engine reduces high fixed and transaction costs of small projects, making them cost effective to pursue.

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ClearFlame Engines

ClearFlame Engines (based in Chicago, IL) is developing an alternatively- fueled, drop-in-ready engine for the heavy-duty market, which includes marine, agriculture, transportation, power generation, rail and construction applications. The ClearFlame engine affords carbon mitigation while providing markedly better performance. It significantly reduces fuel costs and compressed-natural-gas engines, respectively, while also reducing CO2 emissions by 40 percent.